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Custom Code

Add new fields Subscribe

  1. Create a new list or open your current list

2. Click Signup Forms to edit style

3. Click generate form:

4. In add field section, click Text:

5. Change fields settings

![](images/subscribe-4.png 6. Back to View subscribers and check new fields is displayed or not?

7. Now open and edit file section-subscribe.php, scroll to form tag

8. Add new input

<input type="text" class="wm-name" name="data[NAME]" placeholder="" value=""/>

Change name to your tag which changed on form of mailchimp

After completed all steps above, return your site and check.

Note: you can create many fields as you want, just complete all steps above.

Custom CSS & Javascript

Sometime you want to modify any elements in theme according to your ideas through CSS and Javascript/Jquery code. So in order to do that let's go to Flawleshotel Theme > Dashboard > Header

  1. Custom CSS: insert your css code into Textarea field of Custom CSS
  2. Custom Javascript/Jquery: insert your script code into Textarea field of Custom Script