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Theme Options

To customise and style the site in your own way, all you need to do is just go to WM Theme > Theme Settings in the Dashboard Sidebar and follow some guidance bellow:

Dashboard settings

This section allows you to customise and style almost your site.

Basic Tab

1 - Style Color

This section allows you to customise your site's skin and color. We offer you 8 default beautiful style colors

2 - Custom Color

Besides, we also offer you function to custom color you want

3 - Navigation Setting

We also provide you 3 styles of navigation.

  • Style 1: Navigation will display right below Header section
  • Style 2: Navigation will appear above Header section with logo on the left
  • Style 3: Navigation will appear right below Header section with logo at the center

After finishing the customisation, just click on Save button at the bottom

4 - Skin

There are 2 skin versions dark or light but you can customise your own favourite skin color

Introduction Screen Tab

This section allows you to customise the Header region at your homepage: Background, Logo, Title, Slogan, Button and Links

  1. Background Settings: We offer you 4 types of backgound: Static, Pattern, Slider and Video
  2. Logo: Disable or enable your site's logo
  3. Title
  4. Slogan There are 2 types of slogan. You can take a look here: and
  5. Button
  6. Social (Here, click Add More button to add more social network you want)

After all complete setting , you will have what you want as below screenshot

Blog Header

Customise Header region at Blog page


1 - The First

First, you can drag and drop to change the section's order at Home page (Please see screenshot below)

2 - The Second

To customise each section, just click on it and change the settings. Each section, you can edit:

Header Setting

We offer 5 types of title and subtitle for all sections :

Content Setting

For About, Service section ,we offer 4 types of Feature list :

For Skill section: View Here:

For Team section: Style 1: Style 2:

For Work(Portfolio) section:

For Funfact section:

For Pricing Table section: Style 1: Style 2:

For Idea section: View Here: For Testimonial section: View Here: For Twitter section: View Here: For Subscribe section: View Here: For Clients section: View Here: For Latest Post section: View Here: ![(images/lastpostfront)] For Contact Form section: View Here: For Address section : Style 1: Style 2:

Parallax Setting NOTE: You can change visibility buy click checkbox DISPLAY

3 - Map Secton Setting

Custom the google map display settings

How to get Longtitude and Latitude of your location

  • Visit Google Map
  • Right click to your location you want to display,choose "What's here?" and Longtitude and Latitude will display in Search Box (Screenshot guide below)

Custom tooltip's heading and content and upload marker logo.

Logo & Favicon

You can upload logo and favicon in General Settings and Logo & Favicon tab

Logo Upload

Favicon Upload

Layout Setting

In Blog layout tab, you just choose one out of three default layout and then Save


To get the properties to fill in the requested boxes, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First, go to [this page] ( log in if necessary.
  2. Follow the instruction to create Twitter Application.

After creating the app successfully, just click on API Keys tab to get the API key and API secret to fill in Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Next. you also need to create Access Token to get Access token and Access token secret to add into Access Token and Access Token Secret. User name is the text after when you log in you twitter account


You can get API key here after log in

To change the copyright text, you go to Footer tab and edit the text

We offer you 13 default social links, which display in the footer region of the theme. You can enable theme and add link

Typography Setting

Custom text and typography in all pages

Custom Font Navigation Menu Custom Font Heading Custom Font Link Anchors Import any google Font