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Theme Sections

For help on how to create any new section whatever you want to. In this new section , you can also use functions a other sections. Take a look at this following screenshot:

Go to the Theme Settings > Dashboard > WM Setting > Section tab

Create About

From the left-hand side of the Dashboard, select the About Us > Add New and you can start to follow steps in below screenshot to creat new About Us Section.

Note: About Us section includes some other small parts named Funfact, Skills and Features.

  1. About: Add the title (it will not be displayed) and the body, you can insert media (image) also
  2. Funfact: Just choose the icon, add number and text And this is how it looks at homepage
  3. Skills: The final view:
  4. Features:

Create Team

Continue, you choose Team Member > Add new. Here you can add your team members with their detail information.

  • Name, Avatar, Title/Position, Small Introduction
  • Full Introduction
  • Skills
  • Social Contact

When you click on each team member, a popup will appear, showing the detail information

Create Work / Portfolio

To add your portfolio, just go to Portfolio > Add new and set the properties.

  1. Add the work's title
  2. Add the work's content below
  3. Insert media. You have to choose the suitable media type: Video or Gallery-Image. Media will appear when you click on a certain portfolio.
  4. Choose Format for your portfolio. We offer you 4 types: Standard, Gallery, Video and Image. If you choose Standard, all the portfolio's information will be shown up. 3 other types only show images or video.
  5. Add portfolio's categories
  6. Add portfolio's skills
  7. Add portfolio's featured image, which will display at home page

Create Testimonials

Just go to Testimonial > Add new and name the Title, upload photo and add quote

  1. Interface setting

2. Display home page

Create Pricing Table

Add pricing table with details by going to Pricing table > Add new

Interface setting

Display home page

Create Services

You also go to Service in the Dashboard and Add new

  1. Interface setting

2. Display home page

Create Clients

From the left-hand side of the Dashboard, select Client > Add New

  1. Enter client's name (it is not displayed).
  2. Add client's url
  3. Upload logo