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Booking management

Booking list

You can manage all reservation orders on your website in menu Awebooking > Booking.


A booking can have 3 different status

  • Pending: Bookings are waiting for admin's disposition.
  • Completed: Bookings are completed. For example, bookings are fully paid or deposited.
  • Cancelled: Bookings are cancelled. For example, when guests cancel their bookings

Add new booking

Administrator can easily add new bookings with three simple steps below:

  1. Just click on Add new Bookings button to add new bookings.
  2. Then you can set booking's parameters including:

    • Customer name
    • Customer email
    • Order status
    • Arrival and departure date
    • Get Rooms Availability: After choosing arrival and departure date, then clicking on this button, you will see available rooms in your selected time period
  3. Click on Publish button to finish.