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Room type

This section will guide you step-by-step to add and customize room types for your hotel. You can add variously sized and styled room types at differing rates, but prices can be adjusted depending upon occupancy, time of year, and other factors like view, services. Please check the following instruction:

Add new room type

To add new room type, go to Room types > Add new room type menu. Here is what you need to notice:

General data

General data allows you to easily set how many separate rooms you want with different room names within one room type.

You can also set base price, room's capacity and the minimum night for guest to book that room type.

General data

Extra services

This option allows you to add charged / extra services to your room types with different types.

Extra services

You can add new extra services by clicking on + Add New Extra Service or choose from available list.

Add new extra services

Each extra service includes 6 settings:

  1. One time per room: Apply for room using the service once
  2. Daily per room: Apply for a singe room per day
  3. One time per person: Apply for an individual guest using the service once
  4. Daily per person: Apply for an individual guest per day
  5. Subtract from price
  6. Subtract from price per night


Just check available amentities for your room type here



If you enable multilocation in settings. You can choose which hotel that room type belong to.

This helps you to easily add more hotels in different areas in case you own a hotel chain or your hotel is associated with others.

Manage extra services

You can manage all Extra Service in menu Extra services in Room Types menu.

Extra services list

Just fill new service information on Add new Extra service part to a a new service package. You can name the service, add its description, set its price and type.

Using icon in Amentities/Services

You can enable WP Simple Iconfonts plugin to use icon in Amentities/Services