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Booking form builder

With this plugin you can custom form field when user book the room and leave information. After activate, go to AweBooking > Booking form and start building your form.

Booking form builder


There're 3 columns by default, if you want to use 2 columns, just leave the 3rd empty.

Value for radio, checkbox, select

If you use radio, checkbox, multi checkbox or select, you must include values in Description field. Each value in 1 line.


You can validate your form by adding text in validate field, split with |. Forexample required|email. This is validate list:

  • required: Field is required
  • accepted: Checkbox or Radio must be accepted (yes, on, 1, true)
  • numeric: Must be numeric
  • integer: Must be integer number
  • boolean: Must be boolean
  • length: String must be certain length
  • lengthBetween: String must be between given lengths
  • lengthMin: String must be greater than given length
  • lengthMax: String must be less than given length
  • min: Minimum
  • max: Maximum
  • in: Performs in_array check on given array values
  • notIn: Negation of in rule (not in array of values)
  • ip: Valid IP address
  • email: Valid email address
  • url: Valid URL
  • urlActive: Valid URL with active DNS record
  • alpha: Alphabetic characters only-
  • alphaNum: Alphabetic and numeric characters only
  • slug: URL slug characters (a-z, 0-9, -, _)
  • date: Field is a valid date
  • dateFormat: Field is a valid date in the given format
  • dateBefore: Field is a valid date and is before the given date
  • dateAfter: Field is a valid date and is after the given date
  • contains: Field is a string and contains the given string
  • creditCard: Field is a valid credit card number
  • optional: Value does not need to be included in data array. If it is however, it must pass validation.