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Rule is a plugin that help you to create custom status for room available and set flexible pricing with advanced conditions.

After activate plugin, you will have 4 new parts:

  • Room type data Restrictions tab
  • Rules menu
  • Rates menu
  • New Manage Pricing page


The heart of Rule plugin is Rules menu. You can access via Room type > Rules. Here you can manage (create, edit, delete) your rule.

Each rule contain: Rule type / Rule operator / Rule value

Single rule overview

You can combine many rules in groups to create your rule. For example, you want to give discount for user that book room before 6 days and checkin in monday or stay at least 5 days. First step, you can create rule:

Rule example 1


Rate help you apply some rules to room type with new price. Let continue with previous example:

Second step, go to Room type > Rates and create new rate:

Rule example 2

Now, when someone book Luxury room before 6 days and in Monday or stay more than 5 days, they will get new price $200/night.

Manage pricing

If you want to change price some specific days when use book in previous condition? Just go to Awebooking > Manage Pricing, choose your room type and change the price here.

Rule example 3

In case you have many rates that fit with single condition, you can use Rate order and Price tester to make sure everything work well.


Here you can apply Rule to room type. When user check room available, it will appear if the input fit will Rule.

For example, you have room type that only booked if user checkin in Saturday and checkout in Thursday. After apply rule, the room only display in search result when user book on Saturday to Thursday.