Adding first room

Go to Hotel > Room type, click Add room

  1. Enter Room type name & description. Let fill name Luxury for example.
  2. Scroll to Room type data and enter number of Luxury room (for example your hotel got 6 Luxury rooms)



    AweBooking will generate room name automatically for you. You can change by click and type your room name/number.

  3. Config guest capacity:

    • Maximum occupancy: Total guest can be in single room (Adults + Children + Infants).
    • Number Adults <= Maximum occupancy
    • Number Children <= Maximum occupancy
  4. Config pricing


    • Rack Rate: Fill your room base price (You can change price for specific day or add some rate later). Let fill 50
    • Min LOS (Minimum Length of Stay): Minimum night that user have to stay. If you fill 5, user search for 3 days, the room will not be list in search result.
    • Max LOS (Maximum Length of Stay): Maximum night that user can book. Leave 0 = no maximum
  5. Save Room type and you can go to to see your room type and do some search / book.