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Room type

This section will guide you step-by-step to add and customize room types for your hotel. You can add variously sized and styled room types at differing rates, but prices can be adjusted depending upon occupancy, time of year, and other factors like view, services. Please check the following instruction:

Room type management

To manage all your room types, go to Hotel > Room type menu.

Room types

Here you can see overview of room types: how many rooms, base price, maximum occupancy.

Add new room type

To add new room type, click Add new button near the header. All you need to notice is Room type data:


General tab allows you to easily set how many separate rooms you want with different room names within one room type.

You can also set room's capacity here.



Here you can set Rack rate (everyday price), min/max length of stay, add room services or policies.



Select some amentities belong to room type and added extra information (area, view, bed) here.



If you enable multilocation in settings. You can choose which hotel that room type belong to.


This helps you to easily add more hotels in different areas in case you own a hotel chain or your hotel is associated with others.