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Online payment

AweBooking Payment plugin allow you to add more payment gateways to AweBooking. After enable you will have settings to use with Paypay, Stripe and PayU (more paygates are coming soon). You can change settings by click to AweBooking > Settings (Checkout tab)



To make Paypal payment work, you have to fill Paypal API information to AweBooking settings. Here is instruction to get API:

  1. Log in to your PayPal Business account
  2. Click Profile on top right and click Profile and settings link


  3. On profile page, click Selling tools on left sidebar, then click Update in API access part


  4. Click Manage API credentials on API Access page.


  5. Here you can copy API username, password, and signature into your AweBooking Paypal configuration


Paypal Pro

Paypal pro helps you enable payment with credit card on your website.


Login to your Stripe dashboard and select Developers from the menu. Then select API Keys.


Test mode

Toggle on Viewing test data to go to Test mode.


Get Publishable key and Secret key then fill to AweBooking Stripe settings.


On PayU dashboard, click My shop > Add shop

  • Step 1: Add website link, shop name and currency


  • Step 2: Config POS (Point of Sale)


  • Step 3: Get the key and paste to your AweBooking PayU configuration (AweBooking > Settings > PayU)


In order to set up this payment, you need a merchant account. You can sign up at

Once you have your account, you will be able to find the following information that you need to set up payments:

  • Account ID
  • Merchant ID
  • API Login
  • API Key

Please also make sure that you configured your merchant account to work in production.

To do this you should uncheck the Transaction in test mode option that you will find in your administrative module.

PayU Latam


PayU Money is India’s payment gateway offering online payments with credit cards, debit cards and net banking.

  • Register for an account to start the sign up process with PayU Money representative
  • Click Settings tab on Dashboard menu bar
  • Select "Merchant Key & View Salt"
  • Copy the values in fields "Merchant Key" and "Current Salt”
  • Paste to your AweBooking PayUMoney configuration (AweBooking > Settings > PayU (India))

If you want to test the payment first, you should obtain test values for "Merchant Key" and "Salt" (not production) and enable setting “Send transactions to test server (no charges)”.


  • Login to Paystack account
  • Go to Settings > API Keys & Webhooks
  • Copy Secrect & Public key to your AweBooking Paystack configuration (AweBooking > Settings > Paystack).



To get your live keys, you need to toggle to Live Mode. You can only toggle to "Live Mode" if your account has been activated. Please follow this link to learn more about how to activate your Paystack account.