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User profile

Your users can have profile page to manage their booking. Here they can leave note message, see booking update or cancel the booking. User account is automatic create when user complete booking room process.

Install & setup

  1. Create new WordPress page
  2. Go to AweBooking > Settings > User Profile, choose the page that you create from Step #1, here you can change slug for some links in frontend too.

    User profile settings

  3. Go to AweBooking > Settings > Email, here you can config email that send for user:

    User profile settings

Customer page

Customer will have:

  • Dashboard it's the page that you created
  • Profile page Here they can change basic profile information (name, email, password...)
  • Booking information Value that added automatic to checkout step
  • Booking All customer booking list

    Detail booking here user can take note, request cancellation (if booking status is processing) User profile detail booking

Customer information

All customer information will be saved to customer account. When admin add new booking in WP Dashboard, Customer details will be filled automatically after choose Customer.