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Loco translate

Loco Translate provides in-browser editing of WordPress translation files. You can get this free plugin here


For more detail and information, you can refer to Loco Documentation

Add new language

From the Dashboard, open Loco Translate > Plugins and you will find Awebooking as well as its premium add-ons (if any). Just click on which needs to be translated.

Next, click on New language. For example, translating Awebooking:

And then you will find options to:

  1. Choose a language: Here you select your target language
  2. Choose a location: Select the file and folder that your target language will be saved


    DO NOT select 3rd option: Author: plugins/awebooking/languages/awebooking-vi.po to save the file to avoid losing your translated data when updating.

Ending up by click Start translating button

Translate strings

Once on the editor screen, you'll see all the strings the theme has defined in its template file. Untranslated strings are shown in bold blue. To start with they will all be untranslated.

  1. Source Text: All Awebooking strings appear here.
  2. Translation Area: Select the English string at the top and enter your translation in the pane at the bottom. The string at the top now shows a star icon to indicate that your changes are not yet saved. Continue to translate as much as you like.
  3. Filter: Quickly search strings
  4. Save: Click to save your translation
  5. Export: Export your translated file if you want (for example, to back up when updating)

Translate new strings

In some cases there are some new strings, for example - Awebooking is updated - you have to Synchronize to make sure new strings are updated and translated, too.

First, you need to sync new Awebooking strings. You will find option Edit template next to New language.

Then click button Sync to synchronize new strings and then translate as normal and Save.

Next, you have to update translated files by clicking on Edit under your target language file

Then also Sync to update strings and Save