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For more detail and information, you can refer to Polylang Documentation

Add new language

From the Dashboard, open Languages. Here you will add the languages you want with some available options to change Locale, Language code, Direction and even Flag on the left side. After click on Add new language button, you will see it on the right side.

Then you will see option to switch language on the top dashboard menu like this:

Translate awebooking settings

You have to have separate pages for Awebooking settings, which mean each language has its own Awebooking settings page. Especially, you have to create different Check availability page and Check out page for each language. For example:

Translate room types

To translate room types, you have to access Awebooking > Room Types. Polylang adds icon in the form of a plus sign. You just need to click on plus icon to start translating

Then you modify the room in new language and save.

You can check if the room is translated successfully by choosing language on the top dashboard menu.

Translate strings

This feature is available in Polylang Pro version only. However, you can make use of Loco Translate or WPML plugin to get this feature.