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WPML is premium WordPress Multilingual Plugin. You can get it here


For more detail, you can check WPML Documentation

Scan text

From the Dashboard, navigate to WPML > Theme and plugins localization. Here you can find translatable strings. Just select Awebooking plugin and its add-ons (if any) to scan and click on Scan selected plugins for strings

Translate strings

To translate the plugins texts/strings, you go to WPML > String Translation

  1. Select Strings within domain: Select the domain Awebooking and its add-ons to show all translatable texts and strings.
  2. Search: Quickly search text/string.
  3. Translation area: To manually translate listed texts, click the translations link for the text in question, enter the translation, select the Translation is complete checkbox and click Save

Translate rooms

To translate room types, you have to access Awebooking > Room Types.

WPML adds icons in the form of a plus sign (room types are not translated yet) and a pencil (room types are already translated)

There are two ways for you to translate room types:

Add New

Click on pencil icon of the target language you want to create a new translated room-type version. Please note that you will have to set all room-type's information and parameter again


Access to each room-type, choose the language you want and click on Duplicate button to create a copied room-type and Update.

This way will keep all settings of the original room-type. You just need to edit that copied room-type.


Settings are changable in original room types only.

Texts and strings with blue language icon are translatable