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Theme Options

To customise and style the site in your own way, all you need to do is just go to Chulan Theme > Theme Settings, which stays on the left in Admin Dashboard. and follow some guidance bellow:

Dashboard settings

This section allows you to customise and style almost your site.

Basic Settings

This section allows you to customise your site's skin and color. We offer you 4 default beautiful style colors but you can customise your own favourite skin color.

Introduction Screen

  1. Enter your name and occupation
  2. Change blog's title
  3. We offer you 4 layout options:

    • Menu - Welcome: Menu is on the left and Welcome is on the right

    • Welcome - Menu: Menu is on the right and Welcome is on the left

    • Welcome: Only Welcome displayed

    • Menu: Only Menu displayed

  4. Three layout style options: Static, Slider and Video

  5. Video url for layout video
  6. Uploading image for layout static
  7. Uploading images for layout slider


Area 1: Drag and drop to arrange the section order

Area 2: Enable / Disable several sections and change title or sub title


Custom the google map display settings:

Visit Google Map Right click to your location you want to display,choose "What's here?" and Longtitude and Latitude will display in Search Box

Area 1: Enable / Disable Map area.

Area 2, 3, 4: - Changing your infomation


This setting is only applied for Funfacts and Testimonials secitons

Area 1: Enable / Disable to customise the parallax region.

Area 2: Customising parallax region with your favourite color

Area 3: Uploading image from media library

Custom Contact

Area 1: Enable / Disable Contact Form.

Area 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7: - Changing your infomation

Logo, Slogan and Favicon

You can upload logo and favicon in Dashboard/ Logo & Slogan tab

There are two options, you can chose either image logo or text logo and maybe adding slogan website

  1. Enter name of your website
  2. Enable / Disable image style logo
  3. Upload logo image
  4. Enable / Disable display slogan
  5. Insert slogan content

To upload favicon, you go to General Basic tab in Dashboard

Layout Setting

In Blog layout tab, you just choose one out of three default layout and then Save

To change the copyright text, you go to Footer tab and edit the text


We offer you 13 default social links, which display in the footer region of the theme. You can enable theme and add link

Add New Section

In this tab you can adding , delete and editing new own section. All sections have created that will to be appeared in SECTION tab. Creating new section by clicking button Add Section

  1. Section Name: Required - This is new section's name which should not include space and letter is lower case
  2. Section Title: This is title of section
  3. Section SubTitle: This is SubTitle of section which is a small introduction
  4. Section Content: Adding anything you want to (ex: video, image, paragraph....and so on)
  5. Enable Background
    • Color: choose a background color to be applied to the new section
    • Image: upload image here if you wish to use background image to new section. If you would like to use background parallax effect, let check to enable parallax
  6. Enable Overlay: If you want to have background overlay which include two option Pattern or Color, let enable it.

How to add new tab Menu for new section?

  1. Go to Appearance > Menus
  2. Toggle Links Tab
  3. Insert URL and Link Text (Ex: http://yourdomain/chulan/#Newsection)
  4. Click Add To Menu button