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Site Identity

Site title and logofix: Logo on menu task. Priority display logofix

Logo scroll: Fixed logo when scroll down

Blog General

Step 1: Setting for Social Network

Open Customize > Social Network > Social Sharing

Open Customize > Social Network > Social Follow

Step 2: Setting for Blog General

Open Customize > Blog General: setting Display social sharing in archive post, Display social sharing in single post and Display Author bio

Open Customize > Header

Navigation Fixed: Fixed menu when scroll down

Header Content: Hidden or Use page content

Setting: When user select User page content

Open Customize > Footer

Page 404

Open Customize > Page 404

Open Customize > Navigation

Open Customize > Sidebar

Sidebar on Blog: For only Blog page

Sidebar on Archives: For pages such as tag, archives, taxonomy

Sidebar on Pages: This rule apply for all pages that you create by Pages > Add New

Sidebar on Single: For your blog detail pages

Social network

Open Customize > Social network: there are two kind of social: sharing & following

Social Sharing: Showed up in Post

Social Following: Showed up in Footer


Open Customize > Colors