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Manage Room

Room Filter

  1. Room Name: Filter follow Room Name

  2. Price: Filter follow price

  3. Date: Filter base on arrival and departure day

  4. Room Status: There are some status of room - Pendding, Booked, Conflict, Empty and On Hold

Room Management

  1. Pendding: Waiting for system Payment. Orders will paid after admin receive the money and Room status will move to Booked

  2. Booked: Orders have been paid already and Room Status is booked

  3. Conflict: This status is that there are many orders in room

  4. Emplty: There is not order in room

  5. On Hold: Payment through Direct Bank Transfer

Orders Management

This lightbox will appear all orders of one room. It will allow admin to manage and handle order through Edit order in Woocommerce

Create Order

In some case, admin can created any orders for customer if certain room is empty