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Theme Installation

Download package contents

Once you have downloaded and unzipped the flawleshotel package you will be faced with a list of files and folders. An explanation of these is as follows. Any item not mentioned here should be ignored for the moment. This is a zip archive of the theme.
Documentation This is the help documentation.
Child theme This folder included quickstart for child theme

Installing Theme

Once you have downloaded the flawleshotel package from, there are 2 ways of installing this theme. These are as follows:

Method 1

  1. Unzip the download package using Winzip or equivalent.

  2. You will see another zip archive file inside called, unzip this file also using Winzip or equivalent software and using an FTP client (eg. Filezilla), upload its contents to your WordPress installation. You will need to place the folder into the following location: wp-content/themes

  3. Now inside your WordPress admin area, go to Appearance > Themes and there you will see the Flawleshotel Theme

  4. Click Activate to activate the theme. If you do not see the theme in this screen, you have done something incorrectly. Review the last few steps again.

Method 2

  1. Unzip the Flawleshotel download package. Once unzipped you will see a zip file named, this is a compressed version of the theme.

  2. Now inside your WordPresss admin area, go to Appearance > Themes > Add new > Upload theme

  3. Click browse and locate this file and upload it

  4. Now you will see the flawleshotel theme in the Themes page.

  5. Click Activate to activate the theme. If you do not see the theme in this screen, you have done something incorrectly. Review the last few steps again.

After install theme, you will need to install and active some plugins, just click Begin installing plugins and active them.

Installation Video

Here is a link to an video showing the installation of the theme and the importing of demo content

Theme installation errors

Do not upload the Themeforest download package directly to your WordPresss site, because this will lead to errors. Make sure to Unzip this package and inside you will find the theme zip archive: This is what you will need to upload to your WordPresss installation

Theme update

You don't need to go to the Themeforest website to donwload newest version theme. We offer easiest way to update theme base on Usename or API Key and you just need to choose update from Themeforest or Awethemes Server

Get your API Key from Envato/Themeforest

  1. Go to your account and select SETTINGS

  2. Select Tab API Key

  3. Generate any API Key

  4. Copy Key

Insert API key

  1. Go to Theme Settings > Update

  2. Username: Fill in Username that you use to purchase on the Envato/Themeforest

  3. API Key: Fill in your API Key that got above in your account on the Envato/Themeforest.

Update Progress

  1. Go to Dashboard > Updates

  2. Click Check again button

  3. Choose themes or plugin you want to update

  4. Just wait a tick, progress update will complete

Theme Setup

Before you start using the flawleshotel Theme, a few setup steps are required. This section will walk you through these steps.

For the best display of the theme, you also need to install other plugins:

  1. Contact Form 7

  2. Woocommerce

  3. Slider Revolution

Importing Demo Content

Some buyers like to install their theme and have it look exactly like the preview site. If this is something you would like to do, then follow the steps in this section. This step is optional so feel free to skip it. The subsequent sections will provide all the instructions you need to insert your own content manually.

The dummy content inserted in this step will not contain the beautiful images seen in the demo. These images cannot be included because they are commercial images, which we have purchased for theme demonstration only and we do not have a redistribution license for these assets.

  1. nstall and activate the flawleshotel theme. (See section above)

  2. Go to the Flawleshotel Theme > Import Demo Data

  3. Click the large Import Demo Data button once only.

  4. The theme will now import our demo content into you site. You might need to wait a few minutes.

  5. This importer will basically import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, tags, sidebars, widgets, menus and all configuration from our preview content export file.