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Theme Translation

Translation Using PO File

To translate the theme using the POT file do the following

  1. Create a po file for your language, for example de_DE.po

  2. Copy all text from provided theme pot file into your po file

  3. Edit the po file with code

  4. Create hte mo file

  5. Edit wp-config.php file in your installation and set WPLANG so it matches your languages: define('WPLANG', 'de_DE');

  6. The Theme should now display all messages in your language.


Upon theme update, language files are NOT preserved. You will need to manually restore your po/mo files right after the update.

Translation Using Plugin

To translate any of language, you can download this plugin Codestyling Localization and see the documentation for instruction

  1. Description
  2. Installation
  3. Screenshots

Translation Using WPML Plugin

The easest & fastly way to build multilingual sites is you use this plugin WPML and see the documentation for instruction

Translation Theme Setting

You have to translate Theme setting for each of the difference language. These setting of Theme Setting must be similar in languages, the example such as slider, contact form, image, video, address, map..and so on. Take a look at this screenshot:

Translation Pages

You have to tranlate these follow pages Home, Accommodation, Contact, New & Deal, click Duplidate button. Look this:

Translation Post

With posts blog, you can do similar like translating for pages

Translation Accommodation/Room

Choose one of accommodations/Rooms that you want to translate. To translate you just only click Duplicate Button as translate Pages above