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Create Menu

Flowvin theme contains only one menu location - Main Menu. In this section we will outline the steps involved in creating the menu for this theme.

  1. Go to Appearance > Menus in the main admin menu. At first you will probably need to add a menu, give it a name & click Create Menu. The new menu will appear in a tab in this location.

  2. Use the dialog boxes on the left hand side of the page to add items to your menu.

  3. Select the master page you created as well as all of the sub sections or child pages and click Add to Menu.

  4. Now you can drag the newly inserted menu item to their correct sequence and rename their titles if required.

  5. Choose Theme locations - Main menu in Menu Settings

  6. Eding up by clicking on Save Menu button at the bottom

Create custom menu

With wordpress, you can easily create a custom menu which usually use as a navigation menu of theme. In this section we will outline the steps involved in creating the menu for this theme

Go to Appearance > Menus in your dashboard.

To create a new menu, click the create a new menu link link, then just type in a Menu Name and click the Create Menu button

After you create your first menu, you will notice that two new options appear to control the following:

  • Auto add pages – If checked, new pages will be added automatically when you create them.

  • Theme locations – Allows you to decide where you would like your custom menu to appear in your theme.

Adding Sections: Here is available sections which have been created. You only need to easily adding sections to your menu by checking the proper checkbox for the sections you want and then click Add to menu button.

Change to your sections link and Navigation name

  • URL: We wants you to change our default domain to your domain, please see below image

  • Navigation Label – Enter your custom link text here. This overrides the default name of the menu item, replacing it with the name you give it instead.

  • Title Attributes – Adds custom hover text (a tooltip) and improves usability for impaired visitors using assisted devices.

  • Remove – Lets you delete the item from the menu completely.

  • Cancel – Allows you to cancel any changes you have made to it.

Adding Pages: After you have created pages in Dashboard > Pages > Add New which will show up in the list for insertion into your custom menu. Checking the proper checkbox for the pages you want and then click Add to menu button.

Adding Custom Links: Want a menu tab to link directly to another website ? Fill in your URL where you want to take someone when they click on it, add Link Text to specify name, and then click Add to Menu

Adding Category Pages: Simply check the box of the categories you’d like to add, then click Add to Menu

Changing order and creating sub-menus: - To change the order and placement of menu items by dragging and dropping the items to change their order.

  • To create sub-menus or "drop-down" style menus, drag individual items to the right to "nest" them under a given parent tab. You can undo this by dragging them to the left.