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Post & Page

How to create new Post?

From the POST menu in the left-hand side of the Wordpress Dashboard, you select Post > Add New

  1. Enter your post title in the upper field
  2. Enter your post body content in the main post editing box below
  3. After that, In the Layout Setting box, you can choose 1 out of 3 Layout Templates listed below and then custom style / script as well if you want
  4. There are 7 available formats in Format pane for you to choose: Standard, Gallery, Audio, Link, Video, Image and Quote
  5. To add Post's category by clicking Add New Category
  6. Add Post's tags
  7. In the Add Media Box, you can upload images, video, audio, link and quote
  8. Choose gallery style that fits your need: Grid or Slider
  9. When you are ready, click Publish button

How to create new Pages?

In the Dashboard Sidebar, select Pages > Add New

  1. Add the page's name
  2. Select layout setting
  3. Add page's excerpt (Excerpts are optional hand-crafted summaries of your content that can be used in your theme) Note: You need to check "Excerpt" (click on Screen option at the top right of the page) so that it will display in the setting page
  4. Choose the template for each page.
  5. Finish by click on Publishbutton.

You can create so many pages as you want

For example: Creating Blog page