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Theme Sections

Create About

In About us section, you can also set the funfact section for the site

From the left-hand side of the Dashboard, select the About Us > Add New and you can start to follow steps in below screenshot to creat new About Section.

  1. Step 1: Adding Title (this title will not display)
  2. Step 2: Inserting Body/Description
  3. Step 3: Uploading Feature Image
  4. Step 4: Adding funfact
  5. Step 5: Ending up by clicking on Publish button

Note: In Step 2, to style the body like our demo, you need to choose H5 tag for the beginning text of the body. Please look at this:

Final view:


Create Testimonial

From the left-hand side of the Dashboard, select Testimonial > Add New

Create Product

This section, where you can show off your portfolios, your products, your projects, will be displayed as in our demo

  • Step 1: Go to Product > Add New. Enter your Product title in the upper field
  • Step 2: Enter the body content in the main post editing box below
  • Step 3: There are 4 available product types: Simple Product, Grouped Product, External/Affiliate Product and Variable Product. However, you need to choose Simple Product
  • Step 4: Set the properties for product type you have choosen
  • Step 5: To add Product's category, click on "Add New Category"
  • Step 6: Add Product's tags
  • Step 7: Upload Product's gallery images
  • Step 8: Add custom fields for product. There are 3 default fields (tabs): Information/ Delivery/ Other. You can add more or leave blank if you want the information not to be displayed.
  • Step 9: Add product's short description
  • Step 10: Upload product's featured image
  • Step 11: When you are ready, click Publish button

Final view:

Click on the tilte for the full view:

Create Team

You go to Team Members > Add new

  1. Add Team member's name
  2. Uploading their photo/avatar
  3. Adding job/position
  4. Adding some description or introduction
  5. Adding their social accounts

Create Pricing Table

Similarly, You go to Pricing Table > Add new and set the properties.

Create Service

Continue still in the Service > Add new

  • Step 1: Inserting Title
  • Step 2: Upload Service Image
  • Step 3: Adding Service Number
  • Step 5: Ending up by clicking on Publishbutton.

Note: We provide you some default image sizes so that your uploaded images will display most beautifully (only apply for single image, not support gallery and post thumbnail)

Create Contact

To create contact form, please use Contact Form 7. Then go to Theme option > WM Setting > Section > Contact and Select Form Contact. Ending by clicking on Save button.

Create Subscribe

All you need to do is get the API key and activate the list in Theme options > Mailchimp and Save