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Theme Translation

Translation Using PO File

To translate the theme using the POT file do the following

  1. Create a po file for your language, for example de_DE.po

  2. Copy all text from provided theme pot file into your po file

  3. Edit the po file with code

  4. Create hte mo file

  5. Edit wp-config.php file in your installation and set WPLANG so it matches your languages: define('WPLANG', 'de_DE');

  6. The Theme should now display all messages in your language.


Upon theme update, language files are NOT preserved. You will need to manually restore your po/mo files right after the update.

Translation Using WPML Plugin

WPML Plugin makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them.It’s powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple for blogs. With WPML you can translate pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus and even the theme’s texts. You can do the following WPML Document to build multilingual sites

Now you will be guided more much detail about how to create multilingual sites on each of element of Flowvin Theme

Configure WPML: After you have installed WPML plugin on the your site, you have to read this document

Translate Menu: Following this document

Please see following screenshot below to translate somethings you want and you can translate similar with others

Tranlaste POST & PAGE

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