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We offer 13 shortcodes to help you build pages quickly and easily. Just check the list below:

  1. Awe Banner Carousel
  2. Awe Google Maps
  3. Awe Brands
  4. Awe Button
  5. Awe Collection
  6. Awe Iconbox
  7. Awe Newsletter
  8. Awe Posts Carousel
  9. Awe Products Carousel
  10. Awe Teammembers
  11. Awe Testimonial
  12. Awe Vertical Tabs
  13. Awe Video

Note: When buid shortcode should option abtributes is Page buider

Awe Newsletter

Shortcode Newsletter

Step1: Create from Mailchimp:

Step2: SHortcode Newsletter Settings:

Alignment has 3 select: right, center, left

Awe Iconbox

Shorcode iconbox

Shortcode iconbox setting

  1. Icon library: Should choose Maxus icon to use the icons included in the theme
  2. Icon: select icon want display
  3. Icon color: select icon color
  4. Style: Style 1 (Default), Style 2(Large with content), Style 3(Large with content and hover effect), Style 4(Small) URL setting:

  1. Title font family: Font base (Gotham), Font 2nd (Gotham-book), Font 3rd(Playfair Display)
  2. Title font weight: 300 - 700
  3. Title font size: 7px-72px
  4. Title color: select title color
  5. Subtitle: Fill description

Awe Collection

Shortcode Collection:

Shortcode Collection setting:

Layout: layout1, layout2 Style: Gallery right, Gallery left

Awe Button

Shortcode Button

Shortcode Button Setting

Button label: text of button

Button link: Fill link for button

URL setting:

Button type has 6 select: Default, Primary, Info, Warning, Danger, Success

Button outline: when click checkbox switch button style to white

Button size: Defaul, Small, Large

Border style: Standard, Sharp, Rounded, Circle

Button prefix: button display prefix layout. When click this layout. Need setting:

  1. Button predix text: prefix text
  2. Button alignment: Inline, Left, Right, Center

Awe Brands

Shortcode Brands used to showcase the brands:

Shortcode Brands setting:

URL Setting

Slider Setting

Shortcode Banner carousel:

Shortcode Banner carouesl setting:

URL Setting:

Slider Setting:

Awe Google Maps

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Get Latitude, Longitude

Awe Video

Shortcode Video

Setting shortcode:

Get embed code:

Awe Vertical Tabs

Shortcode Vertical Tabs:

shortcode settings:

Url settings:

Awe Testimonial

Shortcode Testimonial:

Shortcode Settings:

  1. Layout: Carousel, Grid
  2. Alignment: Center, Left, Right
  3. Show avatar. Click yes allowed avatar display
  4. Secondary font. Click yes is font family type setting for content

Slider setting:

Awe Teammember

Shortcode Teammember:

Shortcode settings:

Slider Settings:

Shortcode Products Carousel:

Shortcode settings:

  1. Order by: Date, ID, Auther, Title, Modified, Random, Comment count, Menu order
  2. Sort order: Descending, Ascending
  3. Title font family: Font base (Gotham), Font 2nd (Gotham-book), Font 3rd(Playfair Display)
  4. Title font weight: 300 - 700
  5. Title font size: 7px-72px

Slider Settings:

Shortcode Posts carousel:

Shortcode settings: Style has 2 types:

  1. Style 1:

  1. Style 2:


Slider Settings: