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Theme Options

Open Appearance → Theme Settings

In this section, you will find options to customize Header for your site including uploading logo, adding content, displaying Book button, adding link for Book button and setting sticky header


Header Image

Here you can upload background image for page header. This setting will be applied for every single page you create


Setting layout for page Activity here. You can choose layout List or Grid

Activity Layout List

Activity Layout Grid


Here you will find settings for Blog page layout. We offer 3 layouts: list, grid and standard

Blog Layout List

Blog Layout Grid (1-2-3 columns)

Blog Layout Standard

Single Blog Post:


Setting layout for page Gadget here. You can choose layout Zigzag or Grid

Gadget Layout Zigzag

Gadget Layout Grid


Setting layout for page Offer here. You can choose layout List or Grid

Offer Layout List

Offer Layout Grid

This rule apply for all pages that you create by Pages > Add New

Social Network

Social General

Here to enable option Open link in a new tab

Social Share

Choose which Social Sharing you want to show

Social Follow

Add your social profile link so that your customers can follow you on Social Network


Some settings for Room Archive page. We offer 6 layouts to display your room types.

Awebooking default


Grid 1


Zigzag 1


Customize footer section with options to display forms, add Footer description, upload footer background image or color, display footer manu and many more



Here you can copy/download your current settings for the next update to avoid loosing your own customization